Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, December 14, 2015

Relying on God

Wow, we are having a horrific rain storm right nowl!! The whole world is in bad weather! I’m very, VERY wet, but I’m good. 

Transfers were today. Hermana Nunton and I are staying together here in Tacuari for the Holidays. 

I want to share what I have been reading about from General Conference in October and you might have a clue of how this past week has been.

Henry B Eyring, ¨No estan solos.¨ [You are not alone.]
Neil L Andersen, ¨La fe no es una casualidad, sino una eleccion.¨ [Faith is not an accident but a choice.]
James B Martino, “Acudan a El y las respuestas llegaran.¨ [Draw near to Him and the answers will come.]
and Neill F Marriot,  “Entregar nuestro corazon a Dios.¨ [Give our heart to God.]

Yup, it´s been a rough week, but God is so miraculous that he helped me through it all! It´s honestly been the roughest six weeks of my mission…these past two weeks especially. Hermana Nunton and I are very different and let’s just say that sometimes I feel very alone. We, as a companionship, have definitely had our ups and downs. This past week we had like a breakdown session and just let everything out. I’ve learned that if I take it all with the spirit I’m not so hurt. But she has a lot of reason behind it.

We are both working on being better, and having more patience and faith and we pray together with all our hearts. This past week we have really noticed a difference. God knows what we need. So things are going VERY well right now. I’m trying to put all my attention on her and focus on how I can help her be the best that she can be. When we are good we are REALLY good, like we laugh the whole day and it is great. We have another 6 weeks together so we are going to make it better. Well, like sometimes the way I work or was taught to work in the mission isn´t the way that she wants to work. She is very stubborn and not patient but I am too, so... But honestly, right now I am really good! I just feel like I’m walking on shattered glass... like I have to be perfect and if I do something wrong she is going to burst again. 

It has been a rough week but sooo spiritual! Like, exactly what I needed, I found it in every morning study! God knows me and each one of us. He loves us and is there to help. I have felt like my faith has been up in the air and this past week it has been strengthened so much. I know that God is there.

This past week I had Consejo, or leader meeting, and it was amazing. We talked to our Area Seventy over Skype.
The Sister Training Leaders
Hermana Woodwell and I. She is from the Bay area!

Hermana Hartley, from Utah!

Hermana Salcido, from Mexico!
We found Hermana Betty! She is a friend of a member. She has the Book of Mormon and tons of Liahonas [official church magazine]. She said that she knew the church is true! She wants to be baptized! She just has to quit smoking, but hey, nothing is impossible for God! 

We had a zone meeting on Thursday. Wow, that spirit was STRONG! We all just sat in a circle and talked about God and our difficulties and why we are here.

Lizandro is the son of a member that we have activated. He is 13 and he is so great! He came to church and is starting to come back. The spirit is so strong when we teach him! 
This is Ramon... yeah, he hugged us and gave us cheek kisses... Hermana Nunton and I were like stiff as trees, haha. But he is amazing and I miss him so much. He is now living in Buenos Aires. 

Life is good, but prayers are very much needed, and I’m praying for you too! 

I love you all and thank you for everything! 

Thanks to my amazing mom, this is my nativity set.

It is super expensive to buy Christmas stuff, so at least we have a nativity set.
I made an the Advent Calendar similar to the one we had every year when I was at home.
Oh, hey, all day Christmas is P-day. So next Monday I don´t have P-day, I just get a couple of minutes to confirm the hour that we will Skype on Christmas. So I’ll be on in the morning, I think, really quick! But I’ll talk to you all next week!!! Dude I am SOOO EXCITED!

Hermana Newell

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