Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas and New Year's

So it has been a while. Christmas was amazing! We had an amazing devotional and dinner with all the missionaries in the Posadas zone, and Santa came!

Hermana LaPierre asked me to draw this for the Christmas Conferences. I’m for sure not an artist but at least she was pleased! 
              Santa and his wife. Pres and Sister LaPierre.

                           Hermana Villanueva and I 
                                  Elder Arevalo 

                           Posadas Zone Hermanas

On Christmas day I talked with my entire family!!! It was the greatest thing in the world and I thank them for all of their support! 
A less active member and her husband gave us this for Christmas. It almost made me cry.

Afterwards talking with our families Hermana Nunton and I went to the central and we walked on the Costa Nera and got cabure. And then ate pizza with spanich and esparigous, with white sauce. It was super good!
                        Christmas on the Costa Nera! 
                              Pizza in Los Pinos 

New Year’s Eve we spent with a sister and her family who are not members, the Zacarias family. We were there from like 6 - 10:30 because being outside was dangerous with everyone drinking. We watched the fireworks. Today it is P-day all day again. I’ve cleaned and read and we are going to go the central.

Jose Valiente is progressing. He wants to be baptized but he needs to get married and stop drinking and smoking. Gabriela needs to separate or get married. Betty needs to stop smoking. So they all want to get baptized and they know the church is true but there are difficulties. 

I’m doing okay. Hermana Nunton on Christmas found out that her Grandma had passed away on the 29th of November. She has been really depressed and it has been a rough week. But God is with her and me. Our days are pretty silent but I’m trying to help with what I can. I’m doing okay and I’m trying to focus on her. Pray for us both though! 

Each week there are always experiences with the spirit. I honestly know that God knows me. Every day as I pour out my heart for strength there is a feeling of love and like he is there. God knows each of us and wants to help! I love him! 

Hermana Newell

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