Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Week of Miracles

Hello Everyone!
So this past week has been so much fun and filled with miracles and spiritual experiences! We have two young women accompanying us all the time and it has helped so much! We also have others who want to help us and we will use them this week!

So the first miracle of the week: the first Sunday we were here we were returning to the house of a contact to see if we could visit with them, but they weren´t there. But as we were leaving we ran into their neighbors, and they were just moving in. They were moving all the couches and things in; we asked if they needed help, the dad said no thanks but then he was like, ‘my kids are Mormon,’ and we set a visit to come back. We went back a couple days later (this past Tuesday) and we visited with them. The dad isn’t a member, the mom is really less active, but their 4 kids all went to church with their grandma in Luque, Paraguay.

They moved here and their grandma stayed in Luque. So we talked with them and met their nanny that came with them! We then went back on Thursday and on Saturday we started to teach Clotti, the nanny and the dad, Esteban (familia Mendieta). On Saturday we met the mom for the first time. We taught the Restoration of the church and the spirit was so strong! The mom asked us if we could set days every week to go and have family home evenings with them!

We invited them to church and the parents said that they would drop Clotti and the kids off. On Sunday they came!!!! Clotti and the kids: Paloma is 15, Luis is 12, Juan is 11, and Matias is 6. And Clotti is 20! She really liked the church and she felt the spirit!

The second miracle of the week:
A young woman who has been accompanying us a lot is Lucero Sosa and this week she said that she had some friends for us to meet. We had a meeting with them: Francisco is 16 and Emanuel is 17, and Richard is 18. Francisco and Emanuel came to church a week ago. We talked to them about the Book of Mormon and then yesterday about the Restoration of the gospel. The spirit was soo strong! Francisco had read part of the Book of Mormon, the testimonies [of the witnesses], and he came to church again yesterday!!! The spirit was so strong and it was amazing!

Third miracle:
On Friday we ate with a member family and the dad is from India and we had Indian food on Friday!!! Hermana Pitts and I died! I ate WAY too much but it was amazing! Haha

The Fourth: this morning for P-day the bishop and his family took Hermana Pitts and I to Salto de Monday. It is a HUGE waterfall here; it was SO gorgeous! It was amazing to see the wonderful divine nature of the world!

We found 14 new investigators this past week, which is a record for me; it was amazing. We had some SUPER spiritual experiences! It has been SO hot but life is going super well! Today we had a McFlurry and a big French fry from McDonalds, haha. And we have been exploring Ciudad del Este, it is HUGE and so much to see and do!

The members are amazing here, the food is SO much better than in Argentina, and the people are much more receptive!

Tonight, Monday night, I go to Asuncion, Paraguay, the capital, because of tramites [visa paperwork]. I go with all the other missionaries that have just arrived in Paraguay. We get to go to the temple!!! And to the LDS Distribution Center! We don’t get to go inside the temple, but outside, and I’m sooo excited! For my birthday [Feb. 9th] I will be up there, so today we kind of partied with the waterfalls!

I hope that you are doing really well, and thank you all for the happy birthday emails (: 

Hermana Newell

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