Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Great Week in Cuidad del Este

                                    The Temple!

At the Temple: Hermana Runnels (Utah), Hermana Alvarez (Peru) and Hermana Martinez (Guatemala).
                                 Elder Arévalo
Opening my package from home for my birthday at the temple was pretty awesome! With Elder Vinces (Peru) and Elder Christiansen (Salt Lake).
                                 My Birthday Cake
This past week was Super Good! The first thing that is most exciting is that we had 4 investigators at church on Sunday!! And they aren’t even related! Clotilde came for her third time, Francisco for his fourth time and Victor and Antonela came for their first times! They all really enjoyed it!
Cloti and Fran have their baptisms for the 12 of March. Pray for them, please! And we will set a date with Victor this next week!
This past week we had splits with Hermana Martinez and Hermana Nilson, and again with Hermana Woolf and Hermana Jackman.
When I was with Hermana Martinez we visited Clotilde. Hermana Martinez is from Guatemala and has only been a member for a year and a half. She shared her testimony with Cloti and, oh my gosh, the spirit was so strong! Like there were chills all up my arms and everyone was like amazed! After that Cloti had a lot more desire to follow the gospel as well.
Sunday she told me that she had plans to go somewhere with her aunt but that she didn’t go with her aunt because she wanted to come to church. She also told her friend that she could hang out AFTER the church meetings. She is amazing!
This was at our Noche de Hogar Guazu, the big Family Home Evening, in the ward, and that is Hermano Decio, who lives in the country club and studied for 14 years at Harvard Medical School, and Hermano Sosa.
This past week we had Consejo with the leaders and President. It is always amazing!  This time we had it up here in Ciudad del Este!
We are studying three talks by Elder David Bednar: Seeking by Faith, Converted unto the lord, and Ask in Faith. These are amazing talks and it had made me really think about myself and the type of missionary I am and what my investigators need. I encourage you all to read them and take them to heart! We are reading them to prepare for a South America transmission from Elder Bednar this Wednesday!
I was sick this weekend. I think it was food poisoning, or just an over load of grease and chicken and salt. They use a lot of that... but now I am feeling better!
And yeah, a lot of people here have dengue so we are putting on a lot of repellant and a lot of prayers!

This past week we had a lot of very spiritual days and lessons! Hermana Pitts and I are doing great! This past Saturday she finished 9 months, so half way! So to celebrate for the both of us we took a pregnant foto and we burnt a skirt; it’s weird. Why these are traditions, don’t ask me!
9 months!
My 9 months! And the skirt I burnt.
My skirt in the process....
My skirt after getting burnt... haha
We also got a Mcflurry from McDonalds and fries! Today we had Pizza hut, and it is an all you can eat, haha. Yeah, Paraguay is sweet! Life is going really well. We’re super busy. There isn’t enough time for everything but all is well! Hey, am I getting fat? haha
I love you all!
Hermana Newell

For my family:
Oh, my gosh, I am so excited and happy to hear about Jon’s mom. That is honestly a miracle. I’ve been praying for her, and I’ll continue to do so! The family that lost their son or daughter, I’ll be praying for them too! God really knows what he is doing. It is hard and was very hard to lose Sarah, but also it is amazing to feel what it is like to have someone gain a new life as well!

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