Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, April 18, 2016

Leaving Cuidad del Este

Traslados!!! [Transfers]

So these past 6 weeks have gone by so fast!!! This morning the Zone Leaders called us and said that I will be transferred to Rama 1 [First Branch] in Encarnacion [Paraguay]! It is right in the center of the city again, so I will have now served in the very center of the three largest cities in my mission! President must think I’m a super city girl, haha.

I am so sad to go. We have so much going on here in CdeE 1. I love it and I’m going to miss our investigators so much! Victor is going to get baptized and I’m not going to be here... and Armando and Francisco as well... so that is sad, but I know that I taught them what they need to know to get baptized and that I’ve helped them gain that testimony, and that is the greatest that I could have done!

I head to Encarnacion tomorrow night. So tonight I am going to say good bye to our investigators and tomorrow to some members. And then pack all night! Fun.  But I am excited for the change. I know God knows what he is doing. I’m going to miss Hermana Pitts so much... she is the greatest and it was so much fun together!

This past week we had splits with Hermana Rigtrup, Utah, and Hermana Watts, Nevada. It went really well! They have bikes in their area so I rode a bike for the first time on the mission! That was pretty sweet!

But guess what!!? As we were on splits, Hermana Pitts and I did service for one of their investigators. They live on a farm, so we went to their cow barn, and first we cleaned up... which means that we shoveled cow poop; heck, that stuff is HEAVY! If you can imagine, these two North American girls in their skirts shoveling cow poop in the middle of Paraguay... hahaha, yup, that was us! We then helped them milk the cows! I haven’t milked a cow since I was like 4! It was harder than it looks! And then they gave us 2 liters of the milk. So we went home and boiled it and it was pretty great, haha. But afterwards I smelled awful! Like a huge stench of cow poop.

After that we went to the house of these two ladies that the sisters had met the night before. The lesson was AMAZING, like one of the most spiritual of my mission. We basically just talked about Jesus Christ and testified of him. The Hermanas loved the way that we pray in the church and both wanted to try it out that night with us. They were so excited! It was very special! 

Then Armando! Heck, he is awesome. He is one of our investigators, and is amazing. He has so many questions, but they are good questions. He wants to know if the church is true. He always reads everything and prays and has come to church for the second time in a row yesterday! On Thursday, we had a lesson with him and some members. The brother got into some deep doctrine stuff. He explained really well and it was super spiritual. Yesterday Armando had even MORE questions about what the brother said. So it is really trying, and it is testing how much I actually know. But it surprises me that I can answer almost all of his questions!
Hermana Pitts and Armando
Me with Hermana Pitts and Armando

Victor is going to be baptized the 30th!! That is the plan, anyways. He is awesome and is so humble, and honestly he is amazing! 

Lots of work this past week, lots of fun and lots of success. It was great and it makes me even sadder to leave but I know I’m needed there in Rama 1! It is where Hermana Pitts was before she came here, so she has told me a lot about it!

Hermana Bernal from Hawaii gave me some plum powder and we ate it with pineapple. I felt back in Hawaii again.
I know this church is true. I feel it every time I teach. I know that God loves each of us! I’m so thankful for my trials in life because I have learned SO much from them and have really come to know my Savior! Chao from Ciudad del Este, next week it’ll be from Encarnacion!! And I’ll be with Hermana Martinez, a different one, she is from Uruguay!

Hermana Newell

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