Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Many Conferences and a Baptism

So this past week was very hectic! On Wednesday we had our zone conference with President and Sister LaPierre.  As leaders we were in charge of putting it all together. So we had been working on it for that past couple of weeks. It went really well! That night we had the baptism for Julio and Carlos! It was soo amazing. They are adorable and were so excited to be baptized. It was really sweet! 
Carlos and Julio with their mom, Liliana, at their baptism!

The next day, Elder Madder and a few other Elders had emergency transfers. Uhm, so it is a rule that we can´t play soccer in the mission and some of the zone leaders were playing soccer, so President decided to switch them out... so it was really strange! He had to leave that night. It was super sad because he and Elder Morris were like best of friends! (They were the elders in our ward.) And so Elder Gomez came, he is a mini misionero [youth]. He is cool. 

Friday we had splits with Hermana Nilson and Martinez, and then Saturday and Sunday was General Conference!!!! 

I absolutely loved conference! Every talk, I learned something and God really answered my questions. I loved Elder Eyring’s talk and President Monson was amazing. His talk was short but so powerful! And of course, Elder Holland was amazing. I also, along with my mom, really liked the talk about the refugees and how we really need to help all, no matter their circumstances or past, to accept and help, to make a difference in the world and help God`s children. I loved them all. I don’t have my notes with me right now, but it was amazing! 
The cake for a birthday after conference.

Then! At 11 Sunday night (yesterday) we got on the bus to come to Encarnacion again for our leadership meeting. Heck, it was the worst night ever, haha. At like three in the morning three ladies with babies got on the bus, soo of course, we stood up so that they could have our spots because the elders were already standing. And the Paraguayan dudes don’t do anything!!! So we stood up for like three hours and I was so car sick. But all is well now! Tomorrow night we do it again to go home!

Traveling to leadership meeting. We practically had the whole bus to ourselves!

These were the 10 commandments in the bus... interesting, we thought, haha

I love the mission. It is the greatest thing out there and I have learned so much about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I love him and I know that he lives! This is his church and we have a living prophet!

Hermana Newell

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