Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, June 13, 2016

Consejo and Graciela

Hello, World!!!

So this past week was pretty darn great, like every week in the mission. (: 
Some of the Hermanas before consejo.
This past Monday and Tuesday we had consejo and I saw a lot of missionary friends! Also I got to see Hermana Pitts! So it was super good. 
Hermana Pitts and I

Las Hermanas with Sister LaPierre
President LaPierre gave his second-to-last goodbye speech. It was super sad. We were all crying. It is going to be so weird to have a new president. President LaPierre leaves the 28th of June and the new president arrives that very day, so ya casi
Hermana LaPierre 
Las Hermanas with President and Sister LaPierre
Los Elderes en consejo!
Hermana Quintanilla and her package from her mom. I asked myself, “Why doesn’t my mom send me packages that size??” hahaha
This past week we had splits with our hermanas, Hermana Vargas (Buenos Aires) and Hermana Garcia (Sonora, Mexico). Hermana Garcia has a week in the mission! It was super fun to be with a Mexicana again! 

This past week with Graciela has been nuts. She is going crazy. She just wants to get baptized and she can’t until the 25th! haha, She is so excited and so anxious for it to get here. We have taught her all the lessons now and she is so willing to follow all of it. She is inviting all of her family and friends to the baptism and she is planning the food and everything. This lady is nuts, but I love her! I am super excited to see her get baptized. She is really a miracle from God that he has given us! 

There were a lot of miracles this past week. We met a ton of new people and people willing to listen to us and accept the gospel. So we are super excited to see where it goes with all of them! 
Hermana Martinez reached nine months this past week! I made brownies.
The birthday of the wife of our Branch President
IT IS COLD!!! Heck, the weather has sure gotten cold lately. I have a cold because of it, and have no voice right now... oh well. So Mom, you’ll be happy to hear that I actually, finally, spent a little bit of money today and bought some new sweaters! I’m excited!  But the cold is awful, and especially at night because it is like one degree Celsius (34F). And no one wants to receive us, and so we walk around frozen for a few hours. But all is good. 
There were 9 puppies together!
This past week was awesome. Hermana Martinez is amazing and God is the best! We finally received the Conference Liahonas and so we have been reading those. I am and have been since the Conference obsessed with President Monson’s talk on choices! Honestly our destiny DOES depend on the decisions that we make in our lives! 

This gospel is true. Tonight we are going to watch the Restoration / Joseph Smith video with Graciela. I’m so excited for her to see it because the spirit that is there is incredible! I’d like to invite you all to think on your life and where YOUR choices are leading you. Thank you all for your help and support! 

Hermana Newell

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