Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, June 27, 2016

Graciela's Baptism

What a week!!! 

This past week was nuts. It was amazing. But heck, Hermana Martinez and I are exhausted! 

On Wednesday, we had splits and Hermana Vargas from Buenos Aires came to my area. We had one of the most spiritual lessons ever! We were teaching our investigator, Jazmin, the Restoration. She is an old investigator from like a year ago and we have just started to teach her again. The spirit was so strong that we almost all were about to cry. She told us that she had never understood it like we explained it that night. She said she would pray and ask if Joseph Smith was a true prophet. And if her answer is that he was, she was willing to be baptized! It was an amazing lesson!

This past week was hectic getting everything ready for the baptism. It was amazing. On Saturday we set up everything for Graciela’s baptism. That night two of our other investigators came to watch the baptism, Jessica and Delia. 

Jessica is 18 and super great. Graciela asked her when she was going to get baptized and Jessica said that she wasn’t sure but that it could happen. Delia, she is awesome, she is 22. But guess what, she lives with the nuns in the convent! Haha. So we can’t visit with her at home. It is super strange, but hey, she came to the baptism and really enjoyed it! 

Graciela's baptism:
Victor and Graciela
Victor and Graciela
Graciela and her friend, Carla, who introduced her to the church.
Hermana Carla, Hermana Lorena, Graciela and Mayra (Hija de Hermana Lorena)

There were a lot of people at the baptism and it went super well! She felt super supported. And she told me afterwards that she felt new, clean and that she really had started a new life. She was so giddy, like a little girl; it was amazing!

But the bad part is that the water in the baptismal font had gone down and it was super shallow. So the first time Graciela didn’t go all the way under. So Victor and she knelt down and did the baptism from the knees! We felt really bad... but it went well! 

Sunday, Satan was already working. Graciela’s dad had to go to the hospital so she couldn’t come to church. She will be confirmed next Sunday, but it will be okay! 

Today for Pday we went with the sisters from Obligado, Hermana Loaiza and Hermana Vierialves, to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and it had sushi!!! It was so good and we ate so much food! 

Life is going really well. There is a little bit less stress now that the baptism is over. But honestly, life is amazing and Graciela is now a member!!! 

President LaPierre leaves tomorrow morning and President Svec gets here tomorrow afternoon! 

I love you all!

Hermana Newell

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