Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Being Positive and Faith

This week!!! 

Heck, it was a great week! I’m with Hermana Lopez again! God loves me because these have been the best last 14 months. They have been so fun and happy and just saving souls. 

First things first, I never thought I looked so young. Everyone we ask how old they think I am, they say 15 or 16... WHAT? Everyone thinks I look like a baby. haha, Oh well, when I’m 30 it will be awesome! 

So what did I learn this week with Hermana Lopez? FAITH. So it was Thursday like last hour and all our plans had fallen apart. We were walking and decided to contact all the yellow houses that we saw (because that is my favorite color) and so we contact this house and a lady opens up. We talk with her a bit and she invites us in. We walk in and there is her husband and her two children. She is Mirta, her husband is Luis and the sons are Jeremias( 4) and Santiago ( 2). We sit down, and we talk and give them lesson 1. They were super interested. As we left I was a little negative and said, “They are amazing, but they are probably not married...” (like the majority of the Paraguayans) and Hermana Lopez turned to me and gave me a lesson, she said, “Hermana, where is the faith??”  We laughed about it afterwards, but it made me really think.

Then we met Norma and Griselda, two references from a member. On Saturday we invited them to come to church and they said that they would come! I being myself was a little like, “they probably won’t actually come”. But that night I told God that I was going to have faith that they would come. When we went by Sunday morning to bring them to church they were all ready to go!!! They walked to church with us and really enjoyed the meetings! 

Also Saturday we went back to visit with Mirta and Luis.  Mirta’s sister and brother-in-law were there. We taught the restoration with them all. It was so good! 

Honestly though, I have learned, and am putting it more into practice, that when we have faith we are positive at all times. That it is always a “YES, they are going to come”, and not a “Well we will see”... where is the faith in that?? 

Anyways I am being more positive and always saying that the people WILL and not that, WE WILL SEE.

We have seen miracles this past week and it has been incredible. I am so excited to be with Hermana Lopez again. I miss Hermana Martinez. She is amazing. But with Hermana Lopez it is going amazing as well. She still has her Honduran accent! And she told me that I picked up some of Hermana Martinez’s Uruguayan accent... like the Argentines. haha.  The Paraguayan Spanish is awful, honestly, it is like the worst but it is super fun. haha

We have so many ideas to implement in this area. We are going to start working with the youth, members and not members, to animate, activate and baptized youth. They are the future of the church and they bring the energy to the wards and the branches! We are starting English classes every Saturday. We are going to be putting notices up in the university. We have people who are already signed up and want to come! Investigators too! So we are doing a lot to try and get this branch moving, and it IS going to work, we have the faith and God has the power! 

I love this gospel. I love God. He is amazing, honestly, he is wonderful! Keep going, never lose hope and keep on trekking! I love you all! 

Hermana Newell! 

More photos from our trip to the ruins:
Zona Parana

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