Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, September 12, 2016

Cookie Bake-Off and Nancy's Baptism

Aug 29: This past week was incredible!!! Honestly, it was amazing and there were so many miracles. Sorry this is going to be Spanglish! 

Entonces fue el miercoles. Hermana Lopez y yo estuvimos muy lejos de nuestra area donde normalmente trabajamos, decidimos ese dia ir por un area un poco lejos de la ciudad. Bueno, nosotros nos sentamos por unos minutos para almorzar en un parque, mientras estuvimos ahi descansando y almorzando dos ninas de 8 y 6 anos llegaron, muy timidas pero nos preguntaron nuestras nombres y por que estuvimos ahi, empezamos a hablar. Ellas nos commentaron que su prima queria vernos pero que tenia 2 anos y era muy timida asi que no habia venido con las chicas. Enotnces nosotras fuimos a la casa de ese nina para saludarla! Ahi conocimos 2 chicas de 17 y 16 anos, y dimos una charla, son muy buenas! Despues las nenas querian que nosotras conocieramos a su mama, entonces nos llevaron a su casa. Su mama estaba muy dispuesta a hablar y muy receptiva a todo, acepto a orar con su esposo y sus nenas! Todo eso paso por haber estado almorzando en un parquet (:  [They were working far out of their normal area, but while eating lunch in the park, started talking with two young girls, who took them home, and they ended up finding an entire family and shared a discussion and prayer with them.]

After that charla, we got a call from the primary president and she said that the activity for The Day of the Child was canceled. She called us at 4:00 and the activity was at 6:00. And we had already invited a fullaso de ninos, so we were like, ¨What do we do??¨ We didn’t want to not do anything because the kids were so excited, so we called the Elders and we decided to cook.

We got back to the city and we went to get some of the children. Some of them were investigators, and we took them back to the church. There we had a cooking competition. We made banana bread and raisin cookies. In the middle of it we had to run to go get another investigator that wanted to come, Yeni, she is 18 years old. We ran and got her, and then other investigators arrived super unexpectedly and it surprised us a ton! So all in all we had 5 investigators there, plus other little kids that weren’t members. It went SUPER well. And then we had to take everyone home. Heck we got home so tired! But the miracles were there! 

Friday we set a baptismal date with Yeni, the girl that came to the activity. It is for the 24th of September and she is so excited! Every lesson with her is so spiritual and, honestly, it is amazing. We met her just like two weeks ago but she is so prepared! 

We have a new elder in our branch. He is Elder Cruz from Tabasco, Mexico! He is a little pesado [overweight]... but he is 18, and brand new. He will learn on the mission, haha. 

On Saturday, Nancy got baptized!!! She is an investigator of the elders, but she has been investigating the whole time that I have been here and we have become super close. She is amazing. It was so exciting to see her get baptized! And her two nieces are going to get baptized. One this week and one the next! 

Esta semana estuvo MUY buena, un poco loco pero llena de milagros tras milagros. Estoy tan agradecida a mi padre celestial por todo lo que paso y su mano que estuvo en cada momento! [This was a very good week; a little crazy, but filled with miracle after miracle. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for all that happened and that His hand was in every moment.] 

This week was amazing, every week in the mission is amazing! I love this work. I know that it really is the only way to find true happiness in this life and the next! 

Hermana Newell

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