Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yucky virus

Hey, so this week:
Sorry, I haven’t sent photos in a long time because all the cybers [cyber cafes] have viruses and I can’t put my memory card in them or else I’ll get a virus... heck, I’m going to buy a MAC when I get home! haha
But this week was soo good, we did so much.
Yenni is reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it. She is super excited to keep reading and to come to church. Her friend also wants to hear from us and come to church. They are both super excited!
We found this family this week, familia Renoso. Oh my gosh, they are amazing!!! But guess what? They live in POSADAS! That was so sad. But they saw us the next day and invited us to their house (here in Encarnacion) to eat Sopa Paraguaya. When we went they had read in the Book of Mormon and really liked it, and they want the missionaries in Posadas to visit them!!! They are amazing. It is the dad, the mom, and their two kids, 16 and 8 years old. They have so much potential!
We also found two neighbors of Yenni. We got to their house and they had a birthday cake. We sang happy birthday and they came over and sat down and listened and they want us to keep visiting them. We went with a member and that member invited them to come to church and took their number and everything!
Yesterday our Branch President was released, and they are not calling one until after General Conference. So right now we are without a president but we hope that the new president will help out the branch a lot!
Today we went to the Jesuit ruins as a zone again. It was so cool. I really like that place. This time we took a tour and learned a lot more!
We also did splits with our sisters this past week, Hermana Loaiza and Hermana Skinner (Missouri). I worked with Hermana Skinner. She has been out for a month now!!  She is really cool (:
This weekend was great and I’m so excited for General Conference this next weekend!! It is like Christmas (:
Hermana Newell

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