Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Last Post for the Mission

Wow, how does the time fly...? But I’m not going to bore you all with a sob story about my last week... Life is amazing (:
This past week, was nuts, literally nuts, but it was fun as well! Hermana Vieiralves and Hermana Flowers came and lived with us for like 4 days. They came last Monday and on Thursday they left. We helped them find a new house, and they are all good now! It was super fun to have them and spend some more time with them. Hermana Vieiralves is one of my best friends in the mission, so it was great!
Also this past week we were able to talk with Ezequiel, and we invited him to get baptized and he accepted. So we are preparing him to be baptized on the 3rd of December.(:
We walked a lot this past week, and it was hot, ano it was another week in the mission ha-ha. But no, it was super good. We met Yanina, she is like 25 and her little girl and her partner. She is super great. We taught about the restoration of the gospel and she said, ¨I believe it ¨ and was super receptive!
We are teaching familia Acuna and we found out this past week that the dad was baptized when he was 10! They now have 3 children. We are teaching them all and they are super great!

Today for Pday we went and ate lunch with Familia Caceras. Do you remember them? From Barrio Tacuari? About 10 months ago?? They are like my favorite people and I was able to eat lunch with them today. It was so exciting. I love that family! And we all cried when we said good bye, but heck, they are amazing and I am so grateful that I could see them before I leave!
This next week we are going to work as much as we can to work until the last day! Saturday another sister who goes home with me is coming to stay with us, Hermana Mejia, and on Sunday at 2pm we have to be in the mission home. We are going to have a dinner and all. Then next Monday we go to Iguazu!!! And on Tuesday I get on the plane, and Wednesday I get home! But we are not thinking that much in that part (;
The District

I love the mission and I could definitely stay longer, but God needs me in other places. But I can honestly say that I love this work. God knows us and knows what we need and he wants to help us in everything we do! This church is true, and it is Jesus Christ’s church, I have no doubt about that!
Hermana Newell

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