Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Book of Mormon Miracle

Bueno, perdon por no escribir la semana pasada para el Blog, no habia tiempo, pero ya voy a escribir un poco de las expiriencias por aca en Apostoles! [Pardon me for not writing for the blog last week, but I’m now going to write a little about experiences in Apostoles.]

About two weeks ago we asked for the movie “Meet the Mormons,” and so we have been showing that in a lot of our lessons and noches de hogar [Family Home Evenings]. It has been amazing, that movie is an amazing tool for us. I have now seen it a total of like 6 times though, all the way through, and so it´s getting to be a little much, kinda like the restoration video as well... haha but it´s all good!
With Sister Martinez
The other week we had splits in Obera. It was an amazing city, and I had a lot of fun with Hermana Rigtrup, from Utah. It was my first time working with another Gringa and I really enjoyed it; I actually spoke English again! But splits are always fun to get to know new areas and new people.
Oh a cool little fact. My companion, Hermana Martinez's dad is an Area 70 in Monterey; kinda cool!

Well this past week has been really good. It flew by soo fast! But I want to share a little bit about our investigator Micaela! She is the partner to one of our less active members. We started to teach her about three weeks ago. She has two little kids. The member family, some of them are active but most aren´t [??]. But this past week we asked her to pray about if the church was true.

She came to church last week and then she had this experience: She said that she was reading the Book of Mormon. She then prayed and asked God if it was good and if it was okay that she changed religion and if she joined the church of Jesus Christ. She then took a nap, and when she woke up her three-year-old son, Julio, was sitting on the bed “reading” the Book of Mormon. In that moment she felt like god answered her prayer, and showed her that the Book of Mormon was true and that it was good that she changed religion.

En parque Centenario aqui en Apostoles! [Centennial Park in Apostoles]

Cuando cumpli 4 meses!  [When I completed four months]
She was almost crying as she told us the story. The spirit was super strong in that moment! We then asked her if she would be baptized. She Accepted!! (: She said that she wants to investigate a little more but that, yes, she wanted to be baptized. She is scared of the water, so we have to work with that but it was sooo spiritual!(: She then came yesterday to the District Conference in ViraSoro, and she really enjoyed it! And her ‘Husband’ has come the two Sundays with her to church! He was very abusive before but Micaela said that he has been changing since we´ve been teaching them! God works miracles (:
Our District de Apostoles! 

Other than that, the work is going really well. I get exhausted but I feel like we are really working and doing our best. But we can always improve.

I got to see Hermana Maya this week!!! 
Aaah it was soo good(: She goes home on the 22nd!

This week president asked us all as missionaries to focus on 4 Nephi and learn about what made the people a Zion society. It has been really special; honestly, it is an amazing book!

With Joana, we are helping her get ready to serve a mission!
Love you all!
Chao (:

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