Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hola to Tacuari

Adios to Apostoles!

Saying good bye in Apostoles. Silvana, Yani and Yaquelin. Members we activated.

Transfers...locked outside of the Stake Center...long night haha

Hola from Tacuari!!!

Can I just say that it has been an amazing week? (: 
Hermana Lopez is AMAZING! Honestly, she is so great and we get along super well. We just laugh the whole time and talk about everything! But don´t worry we´re being professional as well. haha. (: But I´m like the luckiest girl because she is like the greatest. I couldn't ask for better here in the mission. (: 

Tacuari I´m in love with as well. The area is gorgeous. It´s close to the river that separates Argentina from Paraguay and it´s close to the downtown, and it´s gorgeous! The members are also super great!!! They are super sweet and I fell in love with them immediately! The area is definitely a lot richer than my other area and a lot of the members have really nice houses. That´s kind of cool. We have a few investigators and they have baptismal dates for October, so pray for them!!!(: I am getting to know people and the area still, so next week I’ll be able to tell everyone more about it! 

This past week I helped out with the new missionaries that arrived this week. It was like a flashback. It´s crazy how fast the time has flown! But it was a lot of fun. On Thursday I started with Hermana Lopez! As I said before, she is amazing! The pension [apartment] is huge and super nice. And we have a fancy phone. haha. 

On Saturday we had the World Service Day. We went to a place for handicapped people and helped clean, paint, garden and passed out candy bags. It was with the whole Stake and like 14 missionaries! 
World Service Day with the Stake. And the Lions Club was there to help as well!
 We have a new Lider Misional, [Ward Mission Leader]. He just got back from his mission in Brazil, Salto. He came home early for health reasons but is going to go back out in four months, but in the mean time we get to use him. His Spanish is super bad though-- haha. 

Hermana Lopez is a boxer. This morning she taught me the steps and some punches and we are going to start ‘training.’ I’m so excited!!! And we are doing zumba in the mornings as well! 

Today for P-day was like the best on the mission. We made a salad, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberries, and grapefruit. We then went and picked mulberries. It was so fun and I remembered being a little girl! [The girls used to pick mulberries when they were all re-enactors at This Is the Place Heritage Park.]
Picking mulberries!!!! I felt like a little girl again!

And then we went to a dock out over the river and sat and had a picnic! We stayed there for a few hours and just talked and ate. It was so much fun and I love this area so far. (: 
Hermana Lopez and I at the river today for P-day.

Rio Parana
Life is super good right now. There were not a whole lot of really spiritual experiences this past week. It was a crazy week but this next week is going to be great! 

OOHHH! So today the Assistants called and told me that I’m the new Hermana Lider. I think in English it´s like Sister Training Leader. I have to do divisiones [exchanges] with other Hermanas, call them once a week, go to meetings with all the leaders and President LaPierre and some other things. It´s a lot of responsibility, because I’m also helping Hermana Lopez get used to everything. She´s only been out for 3 months! But God trusts me so I’m trusting him! Your prayers are very welcomed, though! 

Talk to you all next week, thanks for everything, God is amazing and this church is true. (: 

Hermana Newell

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