Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, October 12, 2015

Life in Posadas


This is Posadas! And my area! Isn't it just gorgeous?

This week was full of adventures! First I had my leader meeting which was a lot of fun and very spiritual. We talked a lot about how to be better leaders and ate a lot of really good food; Mexican quesadillas included. And I was with a ton of Americans!! English awful!!! It was fun. 

This was at the mission house last week when we had our leader meeting. All the leaders slept in the mission house, we had dinner and a family home evening. It was like being in the USA again. It was really fun.

Next, we had a Noche de Hogar [Family Home Evening] with our investigator Enrique. He is so great. He has been investigating for a year now and has the strongest testimony. He is just waiting for his divorce to go through so that he can get married again and be baptized! We are starting to teach his wife, Maria Ester, she is very sweet! We ate lunch with them on Sunday. They are amazing! And he came to church!

Sebastian is another investigator who has a date for the 24th to be baptized! We started to teach his girlfriend, Jessica, this past week. They both came to church as well. 

Valeria did not come to church this week. But things are improving. She used to smoke like 15 cigarettes a day. We taught the Word of Wisdom and the next day she only smoked 8! She is doing so well, getting lower every day! She also met the Relief Society president and it helped so much!! 

The family Delima are investigators that we found just contacting houses. We watched the “Restoration” with them and celebrated the hermano´s birthday. They really like the movie!! We are going to see how this week goes! 

We have been finding a lot of new investigators but we will see this week if they will progress or not! 

Okay, so there was a guy who really wanted us to go to his house to ‘teach’ him and he wanted to take us to ice cream and such, but instead he gave us free chocolate bars and we bought cotton candy from him, just to be nice. But free chocolate, so it was okay, hahaha

Hermana Lopez and I are doing amazing. Life is wonderful and we are happy! We are best of friends and doing a ton of work! I now do splits with my hermanas and call them once a week. I now attend more meetings and talk to the Zone Leaders about how to help my hermanas, who are Hermana Fox (Utah) and Hermana Areneda (Chile). They are great! God loves us and I know that this is His work! 

Here is some daily life information. Boxing is awesome. I love it. We do a half hour of boxing, half hour of zumba and half hour of yoga and meditation. It´s pretty great. I am eating well, and a lot. I hope I don´t get fat, haha. I ate fish yesterday... but I am feeling okay! The sisters from the ward switch off doing our laundry. We do our food shopping in the markets and now that I am in the city it is more in a store that is like Walmart. The city is very modern, a little like México but I’d say a little more modern! The beach is a half hour walk from home.

Yesterday we had meetings all day with ward council, church and then meetings with the Stake President and the mission leaders. Afterwards we watched the General Women’s Conference. It was super spiritual!! 

With Marina, our Relief Society president and two Young Single Adults.

Today for P day we spent it with the Relief Society President, Marina. She is amazing and is passing through a really hard time right now. So we all went to lunch, walked on the Costa Nerra, went to the beach and walked home. It was all day and wonderful, a ton of fun and being able to help her felt amazing! 

Hermana Lopez and Marina, our Relief Society president.  She is 23 and amazing.
 It was a super fun girls’ day out. 

Hermana Marina and me.

Kayakers! I miss it!!
On the Costa Nerra today.

On the beach. Don't worry, we didn't touch the water!!

Being artsy!

All is well here; the work continues and life is great, always remember that! 

With all my Love,

Hermana Newell

Dad, do you know what kind of bird this is? His nest was really cool!  [Coke: It is a rufuous ovenbird, or hornero, Argentina's national bird. Cool!]

Mom, Happy Mother´s Day in Argentina this next Sunday!! I´m early but that is better than being late!

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