Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, October 26, 2015

Open House at the Church

This week we had a Capilla Abierta el Sabado [Open House at the Church on Saturday]. A lot of members came. They were all the converts; I swear the long timers don´t do anything, haha. We all went out and contacted. We gave away tons of folletos [pamphlets] and talked with a ton of people. It was so fun to see all of the members contacting and their animo [enthusiasm]. It was a ton of fun.

These are the members that helped out at the Open House.

No one really actually came through the church that whole time, only a few youth to see the football field. But God works in his ways because after all our efforts when we were about to end and go home Marcelo came. He is like 27 years old and was SUPER interested in the gospel. We gave him a tour and talked with him. He met the elders a while ago and is super excited for Hermana Lopez and me to start teaching him!  He is like one of those golden investigators!!!(:

He wants to take English lessons so we are going to start to do them twice a week. My English is awful and my spelling is even worse. The univesrity afterwards is gonna be rough! haha

At the end of the tour Marcelo gave me a chocolate, ¨For the teacher,¨ me dijo. Now all the members joke about it and tease me all the time about my chocolate, haha. We hope that Marcelo wants the lessons for the right reason! But it was super spiritual to see how God works at the very end of things after we have given our best! 

I have been reading Jesus the Christ. Can I just say that every morning I am in awe of how much I learn and the spirit that I feel! And honestly I am learning some pretty awesome things! Did you know that God lived on an earth and went through all these same things we are going through before he became God? Like whoa, like I think I had heard that before but it never struck home.

We are dejando [dropping] a lot of our investigadores but are finding new ones, so the work continues. There has been more stress from being a leader now and in charge of hermanas that aren´t doing so great together but I am trying to help them and trust God. I had a Noche de Hogar with the sisters that I am in charge of this past week and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong. 

Some weeks I feel like my testimony is stuck and not going anywhere but then you just have to continue because weeks like this happen and you gain so much more to your testimony! Life is amazing! It is soooo weird to think that I have almost been out 6 months! Hermana Lopez and I are going to carve Zapallo for Halloween. You can look it up in google. I’m super excited! 

Today eating with the Caseras family. They are like my family here in Tacuari.

Answer to your bug question; the bugs here aren´t bad at all!! But it has been winter, so we will see how summer goes. There are some cockroaches, and ants but other than that it´s been really nice! The mangos here are coming on!! We have the yellow ones and Brazilian ones! In a couple months they will be ready!

I love you all. Stay happy and follow Jesus. (: 

Hermana Newell

Zapallo: A large winter squash that resembles a pumpkin.

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