Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dengue Worries

So this past week wasn’t super exciting.

At the beginning of the week we were house hunting and we found a super nice place! So tomorrow, March 1st, we will be moving. BUT Hermana Pitts has dengue fever... so we will see how the moving goes. We will get help from the ward members, because the Elders, one has dengue and the other sprained his foot... haha. The natives too, everyone and everywhere, like a fourth of the mission right now [has dengue] and everyone at church so it’s rough. But we are hoping that I don’t get it. I have to take care of Hermana Pitts!

So it’s just kind of a rough time down here.

Last week we did splits, and then Friday Hermana Pitts got dengue. We have just been in the pension [apartment]. But we did go to church so that was good!

Oh, but last Wednesday we had a huge South America South devotional with Elder Bednar. It was over satellite from Buenos Aires. It was sooo good! Elder Bednar just dropped the cane on us, as we say here. He was super direct and blunt but heck, it was so good. I learned so much and he was so amazing. I loved it! And I really learned about faith. We can’t have faith if we don’t act. They go hand in hand. Also I need to strengthen my prayers. God is real and he needs real prayers. He loves us and wants to help us. He is so amazing; I love God, I love this work and I love being a missionary!

Today we have been at the doctor for Hermana Pitts. At the doctor they put a shot in my bum! It was awful and the first time I’ve ever had that happen! It was of Vitamin D3, which is supposed to support my immune system so that I don’t get dengue. We will see!  

We have a doctor in our ward, Hermano Decio, who studied at Harvard. After the other doctor appointment we have been chilling in his house all day, taking it easy and watching “Meet the Mormons.” And eating! They live in the Country Club area here!

On Sunday Victor came to church again! And then Carolina and her spouse also came. She is the daughter of a recent convert, and an investigadora! So it was super great!

Life is really good. We are just going to be in the pension all week, so a lot of studying! And then we will move on Wednesday! So all is well! 

Photos next week, sorry I don’t have my camera with me again! 

Hermana Newell

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