Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Second Coming

So what a week!!! This week was about the Second Coming! 

So we have always heard that the Second Coming was close and that we are in the last days but at least I thought that that meant that like I was going to be raising kids and grandkids and maybe then the Second Coming would happen. But this week my mind switched.

So we were eating lunch with Dr. Decio and we were talking and he was telling us about this transmition [satellite broadcast]  with Elder Bednar for the Stake Presidents and Bishops and presidencies. Elder Bednar said that we need to start using technology more because the work needs to go faster. He said that we need younger people who know how to use it because at the rate that we are going now it would take 40 years for the gospel to go to all the earth and to be ready for the 2nd coming. He said, “But we don’t have 40 years.”

An apostle of the Lord said that we don’t have 40 years to wait, it’s going to happen before 40 yrs. I’ve been super freaked out, well, not really, because I know that it is going to be something amazing but it has really made me think about how am I preparing and what more can I do to serve God.

I would like to invite all of you to do the same, “What can YOU do to prepare for the 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?”  “What can YOU do more?”  “What can you change?” I have been studying a lot about this topic and I have felt the answer to so many questions and ideas. I have felt the spirit so strong as I’ve meditated on this! 

Also! So Victor is awesome! He is not going to be able to get baptized this Saturday because he couldn’t have his interview yesterday so we put a date for the 2nd. We had a lesson with him yesterday and it was soo spiritual! He told us that he knew the church was true, that he wanted it to be and that he wanted to eventually serve a mission. (He is 22!) The spirit was so strong as we talked. He felt it and we felt it. He is scared to take the step but he knows that it’s true and he is willing to do it!! 

Then, with Carolina, we are figuring out a wedding date so that she can then get baptized. She is so excited! 

We had 6 investigators at church yesterday! Hermana Pitts and I almost died. haha, It was so cool!

Oh, Yenni, a young woman that always goes out with us, received her mission call yesterday to the Brazil Fortaleza East mission!!! She leaves July 6th!  And another youth got his call to Cabo Verde, I think that is what it is called in English, the islands outside of Africa!

This past week was full of blessings and miracles and the spirit! We had splits and we also had our leadership meeting in Encarnation. It went super well! But we left at midnight Sunday night and didn’t really sleep Monday and then Tuesday night came home, so we were exhausted! 

We have been living without air conditioning for the past two weeks and it’s been like 40 degrees C so we have been dying of heat!! But hopefully tomorrow we get air! 

All is going really well! Sister Pitts is all better! I hope all is well there! And remember my invitation, do a self-analysis! 

Love you all, 

Hermana Newell

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