Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, May 30, 2016

First time in pants!

Hello world!!!
Today we had transfers again!! Heck, 6 weeks go by soo fast! But Hermana Martinez and I stay together!!!  I was so excited to hear that Hermana Martinez was staying with me, honestly.  We are both super excited to be able to work together for another transfer. There is a lot that we have planned for this next cambio [period before transfers].

Our investigator, Bernardina, has a fecha [baptismal date] for the 18th and she has 2 asistencias [attendances to church]; she is super excited for it and really has changed and realized the need for repentance and the need to be baptized into the church. She all the time when we are talking about prophets will say, ‘Like Jose Smith was a prophet that god called as well,’ and is great! She is an older lady of 74 but loves the church!

And then, guess what? The members are giving us references!!! And they are going with us to the lessons and sharing with their friends!!! This is something super new and foreign in Rama 1 [First Branch]; it like never happens, but it is so exciting because in the past 6 weeks that I have been here we have seen the excitement for the mission work just go up! This past Sunday, one of the members brought her friend to the church and the friend said that she wants to get baptized and how can she do it?!!! We have a lesson with her on Wednesday and are going to talk about lesson 1 and put a baptizmal date! Her name is Graciela and she is the friend of Hermana Carla that was baptized like a year ago!

Then Hermana Gladis Pagganino, the daughter of the branch president (she is like 30 yrs old), had been talking to her friend about the church, and this past Wednesday we went to visit the friend, Eva, with Hermana Gladis. Eva has 4 children and one is 10 and the other is 8 and can get baptized too! She loves the things that Gladis has shared with her about the church!

Rama 1 is amazing; the members are getting much more involved in the obra misional [missionary work] and the animo [enthusiasm] is going up, it is amazing to see!!

Life in Rama 1 is exciting and every day is a new adventure. We are meeting lots of really good people!

Hermana Loaiza, one of our sister missionaries, is having a really rough time with her knee. We did divisions [splits] with them so that Hermana Vierilves could go out. This week Hermana Loaiza is going to go to the doctor and we will see what happens, we pray for the best!

This past week there have been so many miracles from God. A lot of our investigators have moved recently, so we lost them, but God has blessed us with new ones and really amazing ones! God is in charge of everything!

Today I bought my first pair of mission pants, so tomorrow we will start going out in pants!!! The season [of risk for dengue and Zika] is dying, but there are still people with dengue and zika, but the zika isn’t as bad here, so that is good! This is going to be soo weird! But it is really cool to be out on the mission in the part of the world where we can now start wearing pants!!

Oh funny story, it was awful!!! This past week when we went to Obligado to do divisions, there was a movie going... heck, I have never seen a movie so bad in my life; it was definitely R-Rated and had a heck of a lot of awful things. Hermana Martinez and I were just trying to write in our journal, study the scriptures or look out the window, but the sound was loud. We both decided that when we get home we are both only ever watching Disney movies after this, haha.

All is great here, God is amazing and this is his true church! Jesus Christ is our Savior; because of him we can repent and receive all the blessings that God has waiting for us! I love this work and this gospel and know that it is true. 

I encourage you all to study the Book of Mormon and really ponder what God has to say to YOU!
I love you all!
Hermana Newell

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