Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day in Paraguay

Happy Mothers Day in Paraguay!!!!

Hey, so I have not been able to send pictures because my connector from my memory card to the computer isn’t working... so when I find a new one I’ll send pictures.

This past week went really well! We did splits on Tuesday, and then Wednesday we had our every-three-month interview with Pres. LaPierre. Those interviews are always great! It was really sad, tho, because it is the last one that I will have with Pst. LaPieere, because we switch mission presidents in a month-ish... Pst. LaPierre gave me some tips for my life and kinda said good bye, it was super sad. I’ll see them a few more times because of conferences and our leader meeting, but it will be so weird!

This past week was AWESOME with Leuteria. She is an investigator. About a week ago she had given us two references of her sister and her brother-in-law, and this past Thursday we went to visit them with Leuteria. We shared a little about Faith and then gave them a Book of Mormon. As we gave it to them, Leuteria started to tell her sister how great a book it is, that she reads it every night before bed and that it has brought her so much peace. She was testifying of the Book of Mormon!!! How awesome it that?? Who knows if she will get baptized but at least she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and that is a first step.

Also, on Thursday night, Hermana Martinez and I were super tired, we had walked like 20 miles that day (Okay maybe not that much, but at least 10!), and so we sat down for a sec. As we sat down, a young man said “Hola, hermanas!” He introduced himself. He is Samuel Sosa, from the Sosa family from Ciudad del Este; they were in my ward, and Samuel got home from his mission in Sao Paolo this past Monday!!! So we talked and then he went with us to a lesson with Margarita! That was pretty awesome!

And then on Saturday we went to visit Bernardina! She is our investigadora, she is like 65. We talked about baptism and she said that we were convincing her, haha, she said that she would be baptized in the month of June but that she was going to pray about which day!!! She then came to Church on Sunday!!! She is awesome!

Sunday was also Mothers Day here in Paraguay, yet Bernardina still came! That night, last night, we went to visit with Jani and Gabi. Jani has a baptismal date for the 18th of June, and we went and Jani’s sister was there!! She is from Brazil, Foz de Iguazu. She is very evangelical but we talked about the talk from Elder Holland, He ahi tu Madre [Behold, Your Mother], and we gave her a Book of Mormon to have, and she gave us her information to pass to the missionaries in Foz!!! She was awesome! 

Today we went with Margarita again for Pday to learn more of the Paraguayan knitted art, and it was so much fun. I love it, it is gorgeous and it is so Paraguayan!

Everything is going really well here in Encarnacion. Oh! Yesterday at church, Hermana Martinez and I were asked to give the gospel doctrine class for the adults, and then the relief society prez left early without saying anything, so we also gave the Relief Society class, haha, and there were only 4 people in gospel doctrine and 2 in relief society.... Lots of work to do!!!

Oh and Guess what ELSE??? Victor, my investigator from Ciudad del Este is getting Baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooo happy, honestly i was like jumping for joy! Hermana Pitts and I found him, through a member, taught him everything, all the lessons and were just waiting for him to get the courage to get baptized, he knew and knows that the church is true and he is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!

God is real, and he loves each and everyone of you. This is HIS church and he leads it. I know it. 

Hermana Newell

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