Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, May 2, 2016

One Year in the Mission

Hey, so this week I forgot to bring my camera hook-up, so I’ll send photos next week! 

I am happy, Life is good, and Rama 1 [Encarnacion 1st branch] is awesome (:

This past week a LOT happened. 

We met Marcelo and Cynthia: So on Wednesday we were contacting, and Hermana Martinez was like, "how about we contact this house?" So we knocked on the door; a young man and young woman, they both are 19, came out, super happy to see us! They started asking us a ton of really cool questions and we started talking about the church. We then did a prayer and shared a little bit about the Book of Mormon with them. The spirit was super strong!

Then we left them with a Book of Mormon and Lesson 1, the Restoration, and we asked if we could come back and they both said, "Yeah, how about every Monday, Wednesday and Friday?" We were shocked, but we agreed! So then that Friday we went back, and brought a member with us. We asked them if they had read and they said a little bit, but then they were telling us about the whole lesson 1 and part of the BOM that they read and they had read a ton!

They had a ton of questions and the spirit was so strong, and they told us that that Wednesday when we had showed up, that earlier in that day they had wanted to hear the word of God, so they went to the Catholic church but it was closed. So they walked all around town, but they were all closed, and like right after they had gotten home, Hermana Martinez and I had shown up on their doorstep!

How awesome is that? We have another lesson with them tonight, we are excited!! 

Then: We went and met with one of our investigators, Bernadina, she is like 65. And then she came this Sunday to church!!! She is scared of the water but she wants to get baptized! 

Then: Gabriela and Jani, they are doing great! Gabriela went to the store and was about to buy her coffee but then at the last minute she put it back and bought Mate cocido instead [yerba matte, an herb drink]. She is awesome! 

On last Monday and Tuesday I was with Hermana Gonzalez from Chiapas, Mexico while Hermana Martinez was in Asuncion for tramites. It was really good. 

Today we went to McDonalds! I never liked McDonalds before the mission, but here it is like going home, haha. I ate a salad and a McFlurry and we ate on the beach!!! Encarnacion has a beach here, it is on the river. It reminded me of being in Hawaii! 

All is well, Hermana Martinez is awesome and I’m super happy! 

I hope all is well up there!!!

Hermana Newell

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