Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, October 3, 2016

One Last Transfer


So I am headed to Posadas [Argentina] again, in Barrio Jardin. It is a really big ward and there are two sets of elders and my companion and I. So it will be different! I will be training a new sister. I’m not sure who she is yet, but next week I will let you know! And we will be white- washing the area [starting with a fresh appt book], so it will be super fun to get super lost and all, haha. But I am excited. It will really be great to work in a ward again!

This past weekend was incredible, with conference and all! On Saturday we watched the General Women’s Session. Heck, Sister Oscarson´s talk was amazing! And then we watched the two other sessions. Sunday we watched the two Sunday sessions.

This conference I received so many answers to questions that I have had and the spirit was super strong! I watched all but the very last session in English. We had an English room with the North American sisters. (There are no North American elders in our zone.) During the last session it was raining and the satellite didn’t work so we had to all watch it in Spanish, but it was still amazing!

Repentance was mentioned in almost every talk. We can really see the need for it in today’s world. We need to humble ourselves and admit that we have done wrong and ask for forgiveness, and God promises to forgive us! 

Prayer with faith was also mentioned a million times. When we pray, “we need to open up the heavens” and talk to our Father. 

There were so many amazing speakers and themes. Right now in my journal I am writing a list of things to ¨Never Forget¨ that I took from the conference and I am on number 34, and not even close to being done. Honestly it was amazing! 

This past week was a little hard in the work itself. A lot of the people were not home or they couldn’t meet with us, and not a lot of people wanted to receive us. BUT, we saw a miracle; our investigator Bernardina gave us a reference of a girl that rents one of her apartments, and so we met Liliana. She is incredible. She wanted to learn English and she invited us up to her room and we talked. She was so nice and so receptive and invited us to her house in the country (but, of course, we can’t go).  She has a ton of potential! 

Oh, other news! We have now been wearing pants everyday (except when we have meetings or are in the church). It is really weird but, honestly, it is pretty great, haha! 

Also, today, oh my gosh, it was my last P-day here so we had to do something fun! So we went to a town called ¨Nueva Alborada¨ and to a place called ¨La cueva del indio dormido¨ [Cave of the Sleeping Indian]. It was a hill with amazing views and like a slot canyon, but not quite like Zion, but it was gorgeous and super fun and honestly amazing. It was 30 meters deep and there is a part that is a tunnel, which is closed off to the public, that goes underneath the Parana River into Argentina. How cool is that?

We also saw a tree, ¨El arbol del amor¨ [the love tree], which was super pretty. It was a tree in the middle of the river and “el arbol abuelo” [grandparent tree]; it was a huge eucalyptus tree! It was a very fun and exciting day! 

Transfers are Wednesday morning, so I will start my new adventure then! 

Thanks for all of your help and support! 

Hermana Newell

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