Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Last week in the MTC

This week my email is today, Saturday, because I leave to Argentina on Monday and so I won’t be able to have a P-day. 

The MTC is going great! The first week was hard and really long but this week has flown by so fast, it's ridiculous! This week we started teaching a real investigator (well, she could be a member, we're not sure) and then we continued with our two investigators (our teachers) from last week. The teaching has improved so much since last week, and I am feeling a lot more comfortable with it. But I am still kind of freaking out for Monday! 

On Wednesday the new batch of missionaries arrived. There are 10 new Hermanas and 8 new Elders. It was a huge group so our zone is now a lot bigger! Since Hermana Villanueva and I are the Sister Training Leaders we had a lot of things to do with the new girls. It has been very busy but also really good.

Today was the last day of class. We had our last investigator lessons and our last classes. It was honestly really sad to say good bye to my teachers, especially Hermano Wortham. He has been amazing and it was really sad that we won’t have class again. Both my teachers were amazing and I know that I was so blessed to have them. They really were who I needed. 

The MTC is an amazing place because the Holy Spirit is constantly there. It never goes away and that is something I am not used to. As Elder Gongora said today in his testimony, "The spirit is even with him when he goes to the restroom." haha, but it is true (: 
This week was basically just class and more class, but the classes are amazing so that was okay (: 

Hermana Villanueva (my companion) and Elder Gongora and I all leave on the same flight on Monday at 6am. We fly to Atlanta and stay for about five hours. We then take a ten hour flight to Buenos Aires and then we either take another flight to Posadas or we take like a 20 hour bus ride. So let’s hope it's the flight, haha. 

I get to call my family on Monday when I'm in Atlanta so I am so excited about that!!! 

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