Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, June 8, 2015

Into month two

 June 8, 2015

This might be a short post. There is not a lot of time to write but we make it work! 

This past week was good but, oh gosh, can I just say that I’m going to return from the mission with legs of steel. I swear we walk like 12 miles every day! 

For the past two and a half weeks we have been mainly tracting. We aren’t having too much luck. Not a lot of people really want to give us the time of day but at least here in Apostoles they are very nice at ¨rejecting¨ you.  It’s been getting a little harder lately but things are going well, just a lot of tracting. And we are having to drop people because they’re not progressing... pray for us that we can find people! 

Life is good, though; things are going well. 

Our one investigator, Silvia, we are dropping for the moment because she is not progressing. She is amazing and in her heart knows that the church is true but she won’t commit to coming to church... so for the moment anyway we will see what happens. It is sad though.                        

 Hermana Maya, our investigator, Silvia, and I.

Our only other progressing investigator is Leo. He is great but we haven’t been able to meet with him. And other than that we don’t really have anyone, sooo... it’s time to get to work! 

It’s been hard but at least it hasn’t been as rough as people said it would be, so let’s hope that continues! 

Something that we have started to do is contact the fancier homes! For some reason here on the mission all of the missionaries are nervous to contact the fancy places. They go for the humble people, which is great because they are easier to baptize but then most of them don’t stay active because they don’t have the means to get to church. So I decided that we would start contacting the fancy places. It’s been fun actually! Hermana Maya was nervous at first but she is getting used to it. I personally don’t have any worries with it so we are trying new things. We will see if we get anywhere (: 

There are two major religions here, Catholic and Evangelical. I’m actually not sure how to say that in English. The rich people are Catholic and the humble people are Evangelic, so that has been interesting!

My Zone

We have Zone meetings every Tuesday mornings. We travel to Vida Sola in Corrientes, a different province, about an hour way.  
There have been a lot of birthdays lately so a lot of birthday cake. haha. The food is definitely nothing to write home about. It’s basically noodles and bread, but it’s okay!
In the ward there are so many funny stories and a lot of ridiculous things have happened in the ward in the past. People say that we arrived here at a good time because things have cooled down a little. 

Things are going well. It was great to have a P-day though. We made guacamole! It was amazing!

-  The Paltas (Aguacates, Avocados) here are HUGE!!! Like we used one and a half and made a ton of Guacamole! 

We also cleaned and then watched the movie about President Hinckley, he was amazing!! And then we took an hour and a half nap, VERY needed! haha
I heard about Elder Perry. It was really sad. I always loved hearing him. He was one of my favorite because he was just so cute! It will be really strange not having him there, but yeah we will see who gets called in! 

Life in Apostoles this week:
We found a bridge at a park; not sure what it is crossing.
-        There was an ostrich walking in one of the areas... not sure if they are native or if it’s a pet, it was weird! 
Ostrich? Emu? Very large chicken?

-        This past week end there was a moto festival, I don’t know how to say it in English haha. But people from all over, Brazil, Buenos Aires and other places came up for Friday, Saturday and Sunday to watch shows and performances on motorcycles, four-wheelers and mopeds; it was nuts! We weren’t allowed to go watch the shows because it was too dangerous with everyone drunk and all, but we got to see the parade! It was also nuts! 

-  This past Saturday, the 6th, was my 1 month mark on the mission! Hermana Maya made me pancakes and we had a little party. She´s so sweet (:

Life in the field is going well.

Hermana Newell

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