Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of June

So I don’t have time to write too much this week, but the pictures say about everything. It was a super chill week and not much happened. None of our investigators are really progressing right now so please pray for us!

There are no other changes here. I’m staying with Hermana Maya here in Apostoles; there is something we have yet to accomplish here together!

When Hermana Maya turned 15 months 
we took a picture of this because it´s 
with her name. The Cemetery is in the background. 

So a lot of the missionaries are from the States or Latin America. A lot from Utah and the west,  and then a lot from Argentina and Chile. There are 6 Mexican sisters and I’m not sure if there are any Elders; I don’t think so. There are a total of 48 sisters in the mission right now, and around 150 more or less missionaries in all. President LaPierre will be here for one more year; their time is up next July 1st, so I will have two presidents while I’m out!

And yup, I’ve been able to keep up the diet so far! I eat rice, and pasta mainly, haha. A lot of things with eggs, salads, pizza, potatoes, and they make like a French fry
We made tacos with an investigator family, the family Pareyra. They are great; we´re still not sure if they are going to progress, but we are hoping so!
omelette thing, ¨torta de papas,¨ and I’m eating beans and lentils, but not many. The food is all right but nothing’s exciting. The meat is basically milanesa, which is like breaded-fried pieces of beef and chicken, not that appetizing looking.

Okay, I look really fat in this photo but I promise 
I haven’t gained any weight!!! Not yet anyway; 
it´s just the coat!

It is winter here, I think about 17C, so not that cold, but I still freeze, haha.

The Elders had a baptism this past Saturday! She is 17 and from a less active family, but her mom is becoming more active now (:

Love to all, 

Hermana Newell

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