Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, June 1, 2015

Life in Apostoles... dirt and cotton candy

Life in Apostoles: We make oatmeal for breakfast, lunch is with members and then dinner is either pancakes, soup or fruit so far, so not a lot of cooking but there is not a lot of time, so it works! 

Pres. and Sister LaPierre (Boston)

Here is my room; just after arriving in Apostoles. We have a kitchen, a washroom and bathroom and the bedroom. Really small but has everything we need!

The church owns the nicer chapel here; the other chapel is more a house and I’m not sure if they own it. There are 4 missionaries here in the district: Hermana Maya and I and a pair of Elders, Elder Prince and Elder... I’ll write his name next week, I don’t remember, haha. Prince is from minisoda [Minnesota] and the other is Peruvian but was born and is from Lindon, Utah! 
Molly's chapel

The Elders' chapel

The Spanish accent here is actually not that strong. I’ve met people from Buenos Aires and they sure have an Argentine accent! But here in Apostoles it is different but not super strong. They use Vos, though, but I’m getting used to that; it’s not that different. There are a lot of different words, and some words in Mexico are really bad here or vise versa so I have to be careful, haha. Capo, means cool, so we use that word a lot! 

The scripture covers are great! And Alyssa’s scripture marking tools have helped so much! I have almost finished marking all the scriptures now, so it took a while but it has and will continue to help a ton!

 Hermana Maya is amazing!!! We get along super well and are constantly talking and laughing together. I am definitely so blessed to have her here as my companion! And actually the people here are about my height or taller, not short people at all so I feel awesome; not feeling like a giant like I did in Mexico.

Hermana Maya and I were walking and talking about the fairs in Mexico and the cotton candy and all and out of the blue we saw a little cart that sold cotton candy. It was the first time Hermana Maya had ever seen it here in Argentina, haha, weird! She bought that, and I bought roasted peanuts. They were great!

Red dirt everywhere!
A meteorite in town.

Here there hasn’t been a lot of indigenous language but they say when I go to Paraguay it will feel like a completely different world, so I’m kinda excited to serve up there when I can! (:

Haha dad, I like your toothbrush joke, it’s a good one (A testimony is like a toothbrush: you can use your parents,’ but having your own is a lot more enjoyable.) I laughed out loud here in the cyber; it was a little embarrassing.

Huge yerba mate mug in the background; a famous Argentine herb drink.
I love you all! Oh, and I can receive 4 packages each year and as many cards as you would like to send sooo if you wanna send me anything or granola bars or who knows what (;

Hermana Newell

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