Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This past week has been amazing!

It didn’t start out so amazing, though. On Tuesday Hermana Maya and I were both sick; she had Chiwawi (diarrhea in Guarani) and I had a massive head ache. We went to our zone meeting but then the rest of the day we stayed home. It was super weird to not work!
A little friend
For the Father's Day activity we made empanadas.
But after that, this week has been amazing! We had a lesson with Nancy and her daughter Eufemia. They were antiguo investigadores that we found in the carpeta de area [area book] and decided to contact. They are both amazing and committed to be baptized!!! They didn’t get baptized before because the dad was a less active member but didn’t want to get married (because he had another lady friend) so the missionaries stopped visiting them. That was a year ago.
My best empanada. I did it!
But Nancy and the dad separated a month ago, so she can now be baptized. We found them at just the right time!

Silvia also committed to be baptized! We were either going to drop her or she was going to have to commit to being baptized. Before our lesson, Hermana Maya and I both, but separately, went to the restroom and prayed that her heart would be opened and she would feel the truth. As we taught we shared Mosiah 18: 8-10 that asks if it is the desire of our hearts what is it that is impeding us from being baptized. She was shocked and quiet and then said that she didn’t know. She said she knew it was true so why wouldn’t she get baptized? We set a date for August because she wants more time to prepare and be sure but it was amazing! 
At the cemetery. They are a lot like in Mexico, but they also have graves that are huge like houses!

We then have the Family Pareyra; they are like a gift sent from God, haha: Claudia and Rogerio and their kids Henry (14) Milena (12) and Leonel, who is 5 months. They are so excited about it and we had two lessons with them this past week and then they came on their own to the father’s day activity!!! Milena is like the sweetest thing ever; she hugs me and drags me everywhere and is super excited to go to church!
Last P-Day we made tacos and arroz chafa (from Peru) 
It is super weird but Hermana Maya and I really feel like we know them from somewhere. We are trying to figure it out and need to ask people but like I don’t think we have met them before, but it feels so weird. I feel strange saying that maybe it’s from the preexistence but...who knows honestly? But they are amazing! We are planning a noche de hogar [Family Home Evening] on Saturday with them and are going to make Tacos!

And then we have Vanessa, who is super sweet. She has two kids and is very interested because she needs something in her life. She is a friend of a member and so we meet with her with Hermana Menez. We are going to ask her to be baptized this week! 

Today I found a natural food store! Oh my gosh, I was in heaven. There is only one here in Apostoles but it was great. I might spend a lot of money there, haha. I bought quinoa, chia seeds and Indian tea. The quinoa was amazing for lunch. We also ate chocolate cake at a fancy casino restaurant.
Weird to do as a missionary, but it was super cheap! And the first time I have had chocolate cake in like a year!

Things are all going great. Transfers are next Tuesday and we find out on Sunday what happens! Hermana Maya feels like she is going to get transferred but I’ll let you know. I don’t want her to get changed!! We are super close, and it makes the work so much better!

Happy Fathers day, Papi!!! I was thinking about you all day yesterday and hoping the  best for you, usually I would write you a little card to tell you how much you mean to me but this year is a little different. But I can still tell you how much I love you, Papi! I love you with all my heart.
Hermana Menez and her daughter
Mom: It was soo good to hear about all of the adventures that mom and Bryce and the kids are having; it honestly made me so happy but also very jealous, haha. It sounds so exciting and I’m just a little jealous of all those adventures. Give all the kids hugs for me, and Bryce and Aprille!  

With all my love,

Hermana Newell

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