Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, August 10, 2015

An Amaaazing week!

10 August 2015

Hola mundo afuera de la mision! Como estan todos? (: [Hello World outside the mission… how are you all?]

Leo (our recent convert) came to church yesterday with a white shirt, tie and church pants!!! It was super exciting!! (:    And we think he is going to get called as the secretary for the branch; exciting, right? (: 

We have two youth, Emiliano and Joana, that are starting their mission papers and so we are helping them! It´s exciting. We are hoping Joana will start going out with us and learning! 

Thursday was amazing! We had a lesson with Vanesa. She is amazing! After the lesson we asked her to give the prayer. She said no, and that she would the next time. But that is what she always says, so we talked her into it and then just sat there with our eyes closed until she actually gave the prayer. Oh my gosh, the spirit was STRONG! When she finished she just sat there with her head down and started to cry. She said that she felt like she wasn’t there as she prayed. She couldn´t remember anything that she said in the prayer and she felt at peace. It was something amazing! She asked us what that feeling was and we explained to her that it was the spirit speaking to her. It was one of the most spiritual moments I have had on the mission so far!

She then came to church on Sunday, but only for the first hour because her husband was super angry and going to come and get her. It is super sad. She and her husband don’t get along at all but she is scared to separate because she doesn´t know what she´ll do or where she will live. But our discussions are helping her. She is amazing!

I have definitely realized the importance of always sharing that we believe in Jesus Christ and that He is the center of our religion because there are those people that think that we worship José Smith. 

Fuimos a PARAGUAY!!!! On Friday we had a reunion de zona [Zone Meeting] and then Hermana Maya and I had to go do tramites [paperwork] in PARAGUAY! We crossed the border on the train over the river with the asistentes [Assistants], and a couple of elders. We spent like four hours in Paraguay! It was awesome!! It is sooo much like Mexico and I loved it. It was much hotter but soo cool. And I felt so at home with all the vendors and the people crowding the streets. I saw two of the sisters that came with me from the MTC! 

AND there are transfers!!! It is super sad and I don´t know how I feel. Hermana Maya se va a Puerto Iguazu [is going to Puerto Iguazu; on Iguazu Falls], like 7 hours from here. I am staying here in Apóstoles (which I am super excited about!) and my new companion is Hermana Martinez from Mexico! I´ve heard that she is great, very hard working and all. And also that it might take some work getting used to her but I am positive that it will be great!(: Wednesday is when it happens so I will let you know next week how it is. I am super nervous so your prayers are very welcomed! 

Hermana Maya and I are having a couple trunky days where we will cry all night and eat a lot of ice cream. We don´t want to separate but it has to happen! 

Love you all! 
Hermana Newell

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