Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug. 31, 2015

Hola! (: 

This week has not been super exciting. It´s been a really good week but just not a whole lot that is new.

Valeria do Santos, an 8 year old member, was baptized Saturday. They are an amazing family. We are working a lot with them because they have two less active children. I have found out since I’ve been here on the mission that I really want to concentrate on the Youth. They are the future and when they don´t have testimonies the church cannot progress. So, we are working with a lot of less active youth. They are amazing!
Valeria do Santos, center

Do Santos family

Oh, we had an amazing experience this week. Hermana Menez told us about a woman and her husband that she met while visiting her sister in the hospital. She said they really needed consuelo [comfort].

The husband, Hugo Juan, was really sick. So that afternoon we went to the Hospital and we met Margarita and Hugo Juan. We talked with them both. Hugo Juan was very sick with a lung problem and he didn’t think he was going to live any longer. Margarita was so sure that he would live. She had so much faith. She knew that God could heal him if He wanted to.

We said a prayer together with them in the hospital. As Hermana Martinez prayed she and I both felt that Hugo wasn´t going to make it much longer. So in the prayer Hermana Martinez prayed more for the consuelo [comfort] of Margarita. When we said Amen, Margarita was crying. She was so thankful and her faith was so strong!  I hugged her for a long time and we both cried. 

As we left we felt impressed to give her a Book of Mormon. She said that she would read it. The next day the Elders went to see Hugo and Margarita to give Hugo a blessing. And then the day after Hermana Martinez and I went by. The hospital bed was empty. We asked what had happened and they said that that morning Hugo and Margarita both went back home! 

We are not sure if they went home because Hugo was healed or if they went home because they couldn't do anything more to help him. We´re not sure what happened but we feel that the blessing really worked and that Hugo at least was able to pass, if that was what needed to happen, in peace.

God works miracles, he love us and knows the destiny of each of us. We have to trust him and especially have that faith that God can heal.

It was a testimony builder for me! 

Making bollos rellenos. They are like fried dough, bread, with dulce de leche, dulce de batata o membrillo inside! I am with Hermana Menez and Aldana her daughter!
Yesterday was stake, well, actually, district conference. We heard from Elder Quentin Cook and Elder Jeffrey Holland; it was amazing as ever. (:

Today we go to Obera. We weren't able to go last week. So I will see a new place!

I love you all and I know that God lives and that this is His work! (: 

Hermana Newell

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