Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, August 3, 2015

Three Months as a Missionary

August 2, 2015

Today the computer’s keyboard is hardly functioning but the computer is letting me download photos from my camera.  So this letter will be brief but it will be followed by lots of photos.

For the past week it has been like 60-70 degrees F. and super sunny. I’ve been happy. But they say the rain will come again this week. 

Today for P-day, Hermana Maya and I made molletes and pico de gallo and piña and cucumber with limon and tajin. It was sooo good to have something Mexican again! 

Tonight we have a Noche de Hogar [Family Home Evening] with Hermana Faria and her kids. The kids are nuts and never sit still so we will see how it goes. We are going to eat pizza as well. 

Next Monday we find out about transfers and then Wednesday are the transfers.  It´s nuts that they are here again. We will see what happens. Hermana Maya has one more transfer. She goes home the 22 of September. This will be her last one. She has been a miracle for me! 

I do feel very special to be the only young full time missionary that is in your [Coke and Cindy’s downtown Salt Lake City] new ward!

Thanks for all the prayers in my behalf. It all helps and I have felt the love a lot. The mission is getting easier, for now at least.  I actually feel like a missionary and like I know what is happening.

Hermana Newell

Leo’s Baptism
Leo on his baptism day!

Leo and Adriana, his girlfriend, and Adriana's family.
Hermana Alvarenga is the Relief Society president. They are amazing!
Chalkboard that we decorated for Leo's baptism.

Some of the people that attended the baptism.

Food in Argentina

We are eating something called riviro. It is like fried dough. They eat it with different things but we just ate it with hot milk. They sometimes put egg or beans or who knows what on it. It’s good but I feel really fat eating it.  I learned how to make it so I will teach my family when I get home.
This is when we made riviro.

           The pasta that we made last week in the Noche de Hogar. It was amazing!

It´s from Paraguay but there is one place here in Apostoles that sells it. It´s like the chipa but in the form of a tube and is hollow in the middle. It was sooo good.

It's from Paraguay and is like the chipa or the cabure but in the form of a tortilla. It was amazing!

Elder Arevalo’s parents [Lindon, Utah] sent him Arby´s sauce. Haha. It was good to have something from the States again. 

Missionaries and Members

There was an activity in the iglesia [church] for all the sisters who had had their birthdays in the first half of the year.

A Family Home Evening with the Menes family and other ward members.

Hermana Maya, from Mexico, Hermana Quino, from Buenos Aires, Hermana Cuero from Ecuador and me.

Hermana Maya and me.  She is amazing!
Beautiful Argentina

The slide was wooden... I really don’t know why people and, especially, little kids would want to slide down it... haha


                More countryside.  It is gorgeous here.

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