Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, November 2, 2015

Traslados! I'm training!

Traslados!!! So, I’m nervous! Today we had transfers, and Hermana Lopez is going to Encarnacion in Paraguay. It´s been a rough day. We´ve become so close in such short time. God needs her there, though. And I am staying here in Tacuari, still as a sister training leader, and I’m TRAINING [a brand new missionary]! I don´t feel ready nor smart enough to be training this early on... but Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. Her name is Hermana Nunion. She is Latina but that is all I know. I will meet her tomorrow night as Hermana López and I will be going to help with the new missionaries. We come back to the area on Thursday. Pray for me, please! 

This past week: Well, first off the not so spiritual... I got asked out on a date by an investigator... haha. Remember Marcelo? The chico that came to the open house. Well, during the week he was sending messages, which was kind of suspicious. But we weren´t sure so on Wednesday we had a lesson and it was fine. He was asking questions about the gospel, and then he said, ¨Well I’m just going to be forward with you. Are you allowed to have a boyfriend in the mission?” We talked about that I couldn´t. He then started to ask that maybe after the mission he could come to the States and we could date and see where things went. AWWWKWARD! And remember the chocolate from last week? Well Hermana Lopez shared a scripture about how through small and simple things great things come to pass, and Marcelo was like, ¨So with things like chocolates, other things can come to pass?¨ 

Yeah, let’s just say that that will be the last lesson with Marcelo! hahaha

But this past week we found so many new investigators. We found 13, which for this mission is a lot! And some of them are really good, too! And they are super excited about the church. Ramon and Alva are very interested in learning about the Mormons and we are excited. Adrian, Gabriela and Jose belong to a family where the mom was a member but they didn´t want anything to do with the church. But the mom died a couple years ago and now they are super open and want to learn. We have started with the Plan of Salvation and it has been so good!

And then we found Jose and his daughter, Yosslin; she is 9. They have been looking for a church and have gone to many but aren´t satisfied. We started to teach them about the Restoration and they are super excited! 

For Halloween, Hermana Lopez and I carved pumpkins, decorated and made pumpkin pancakes! It was honestly super fun and made it seem a lot like Halloween.  

       Carving Pumpkins for Halloween. We had to do it! 
It was Hermana Lopez´s first time. It was so much fun.

The clothes had to be Halloweenish as well. This is the best that I could do.
My lovely Hermana Lopez

At church we usually have around 55-65 members but yesterday we had 78! Including a ton of less actives! Life is exciting! 

I have been studying a lot about the spirit world, the resurrection, and the judgement and have been having really spiritual moments and learning a ton. 

Uhm, I think that that is it. I love you all. Pray for me this week please! 

Hermana Newell

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