Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dude, Like Totally Amazing!

So this week. For starters, Hermana Nunton is amazing. We have definitely broken the ice. At times we never stop talking, so things are great. Honestly she is great and all your prayers helped, it´s been a great week and we get along super well (: We talk all the time and we are working a ful, as they say here in Argentina! 

Second off, we have had some sweet and spiritual lessons this past week! 

So I think I’ve talked about Jose Valiente and his daughter Josholin, she is 9. So Jose really wants to change and be an example for his family and he has been reading and we have noticed a difference. Then we invited them to come to church and they came!!! Like that was weird, cause that never happens! haha. But they both really enjoyed it and stayed the whole three hours! We have another lesson with them tomorrow and we will see exactly what they thought; we are going to put baptism dates for them, and we´ll see how it goes! But the lesson on Saturday was super spiritual and you could feel the peace (: 

And then there is Ramon!!! Dude, can I just say that he is awesome! He has read everything we´ve given him. He is reading the Book of Mormon for himself and on Saturday we gave him the chapter to read about repentance and baptism. And last night he send us a message that said “Hola hermanitas. como estan? Yo muy bien y recordandolas en todo momento. dando gracias por todo lo que hacen por mi. te cuento que desde ayer a hoy pedi mucho perdon y en realidad me hizo muy bien. muchas gracias.” [Hello, Sisters, how are you? I’m well and thinking of you all the time, giving thanks for all you do for me. I can tell you that since yesterday until today I have asked for forgiveness, and it has felt very good. Many thanks.]

Hermana Nunton and I both shouted out for joy; he is awesome (: We have another lesson with him tonight and are going to try to put a fecha [set a baptismal date]. (:  

Today for P day we went and ate Mexican food and shopped and then cleaned, and listened to Disney music; it was pretty sweet (: Life is good, todo tranquilo!)

Hermana Newell

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