Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

First Week of the New Year

So not a lot has happened since Friday, but I will fill you in a little bit!

                                  New Year’s Eve  

                           New Year’s in the city (middle of summer)

                              Cabure: I love it! 
This is Pan Dulce, or Paneton in other countries! It is eaten a lot at Christmas and New Year’s! 

        Hermana Nunton’s ice cream for New Year’s! 

   And my ice cream, a little bit smaller but still a ton! 

Sunday was a rough morning and then we went to church. At church, I swear, it was just for me! I think I was bawling like the whole time. It was just what I needed. We read in Sunday School in Pedro [Peter}. If you have never read the books of Pedro in the New Testament, you should read it! It basically tells us who and how we should be as people and as members; to be humble and trust in God and a whole bunch of other amazing things!

In Relief Society we learned how we should be as members, and our responsibilities. It made me think of what type of missionary I am and how I can get better.

Other than that, Hermana Nunton and I have been really good for the day. She is getting better and it makes me happy. [Her grandma recently died back home in Peru.]

Today I had pre-consejo [leadership meeting] and tomorrow is consejo again. So we will see what I learn this time. I love consejos!
Hermana Goni (Paraguay) and Hermana Pulgar. They are amazing! 

So, when a car is for sale they put bottles on top. Weird. But that is Argentina! 

Our sweat, after a super-hot day, if you can see it!

A sister in my ward crochets and she makes these! They are amazing! Anyone have any requests? She can make anything! 

That´s about everything! 

Hermana Newell

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