Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another Week of Miracles

What a week!!!! 

Hermana Huarcaya celebrates 1 month!
Our home
Oh, my gosh, this week was honestly amazing. It was filled with so many miracles! Hermana Huarcaya is amazing. I have learned so much from her. You get a missionary who is finishing and one who is starting and you get a lot of excitement! We are inviting everyone to be baptized!  We have three baptismal dates planned for this transfer and we have a lot more who are thinking about baptism. We are really seeing the miracles as we invite all to be baptized (:
Our District
The Assistants left their car unlocked!
But heck, this past week it rained, like down poured all week long!!! It wasn’t too great to contact and be out there as we got soaking wet! But then, oh my gosh, yesterday was like being in heck it was so hot out! We almost died... literally!

Here is one of the many miracles: So I have written about the Renoso family, the family that I met in Encarnacion, but that live here in my area now! Well, yesterday we had lunch with them, and it was only the mom and the 8 year old daughter Bianca. We talked about the restoration of the gospel. The mom had to leave for a sec and so we taught part of the story of Joseph Smith with just Bianca. When the mom got back we had Bianca tell her mom the story and a miracle happened. We hadn’t told Bianca yet that Joseph Smith had received the answer than none of the churches were true but she told that to her mom!!! Hermana Huarcaya and I looked at each other, super confused, because Bianca really did remember these things from the pre-earth life. God is really amazing and I have such a testimony that this is his church and that we knew about it and his plan even before coming here! 

This week was amazing, and this coming week will be too (: I love you all! 

Hermana Newell

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