Argentina Posadas

Argentina Posadas

Monday, October 10, 2016

Starting from scratch

White wash!!!! aaaahhh, what a week!
First things first: my new daughter is Hermana Huarcaya, from Lima, Peru! Another companion from Peru. I think I have something with Peru that I never knew before, haha! 
But heck, she is AMAZING! She is 21 and like honestly so much fun and so excited to work. She has so many ideas and so many desires. She speaks good English and so Pst. Svec told us that we have to speak in English as much as we can so that her English can get even better. So we have passed whole days speaking in English, but sometimes we get bad at it and speak in Spanish again. It is easier but we are trying to speak in English as much as we can!
This whitewash has been nuts! The area book, before we got here, had been caught in a rain storm.... so we were given this super wet, moldy area book that we are trying to use which is not very helpful. We have thrown out a lot of papers and got everything new. We are working on copying some of the registros and putting them onto new papers. It is quite the job. We also have gotten lost a couple times but we are doing much better now! 
Also we didn’t have ANYTHING in the house so we had to buy plates, cups, rags, soap, etc.  We got a super old phone and they didn’t give us a charger, so for the past 4 days it has been dead! We had to use our assigned monthly money for the buying so we now don’t have any money and Hermana Huarcaya could not take out money from her mission card until today. It has been crazy! BUT!!!!  It is amazing here.
So for the good part, we have lunches with members every day! The Mission Assistants and the zone leaders are in our same ward so they have been helping us out a lot. The house, oh my gosh, the apartment is a little house. It is soooo nice and the bathroom is AMAZING! It has sofas and a real kitchen and it is sooo cute! Honestly, I’m in love, haha. The ward has like 120 who attend, so it is huge! They are baptizing a ton here. The members are willing to help us. The ward works like it should! Like what else could I want???
So life is great. Everything is going super well. Hermana Huarcaya is amazing. She teaches so well and is great at talking to EVERYONE. We are contacting everyone we see and really enjoying the work. She is so great and we enjoy every moment. She is a little stressed out because of it being her first week, and all these things have happened, so today we are going to buy an ice cream and relax a little bit!
This past Saturday there was a member baptism and it was super sweet. And I had to play the piano!!! I don’t play the piano!!! I had to do it a little in my last area but it makes me so nervous!
We have found some people who are amazing and we are anxious to see how they progress.
Oh, and so do you remember the familia Renoso? I wrote about them the other week. I met them in Encarnacion, but they were from Posadas, in the area of Barrio Jardin!!! I am going to call them today and see if we can visit them! It is incredible how God works!
I love you all, everything is great here!
Hermana Newell 

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